Starting the New Year With a Bang!

Yes I know it’s February already, but this should show even more how big the start of this year has been for me. First and foremost is the big announcement that the new year brought.


First and foremost, I’ve been named an MVP in Client App Development (for my community contributions with WPF). This is an incredible honor for me. In addition to the title, being an MVP provides me an opportunity to have better interaction and feedback with Microsoft especially with regards to my specialization. According to the program guidelines, the award is for my past activities and I am not required to do anything else.

However, I want to leverage this opportunity to the fullest and will continue my community contributions going forward, both with regard to WPF and Silverlight as well as with Windows Azure.


Second, as an organizer for our local Alt.NET User Group, Indy Alt.NET, I’m excited about a few recent developments with the group. Chief among those being named an official INETA group – something that surprised me seeing that there was already an INETA group in the Indianapolis area. We are coming on our first anniversary and have seen our attendance stabilize at around 25 per meeting. With almost a year under our belt we have sat down and started a few initiatives.

One major decision will be to incorporate as a non-profit organization (an idea we had thrown about for a while but were too busy with day to day operations to act upon). This action will allow us to apply for grants and begin some community outreach initiatives that we are all excited about. It will also make us more attractive to potential sponsors as certain donations to us will be tax deductible.

Another initiative has been a marketing and sponsorship drive. We are trying to grow organically, but we have noticed that we have a chicken or egg scenario. Therefore, we are pushing our growth on multiple fronts. So far we are getting good feedback from our efforts.

Our biggest initiative about which we are all very excited is planning for a local conference. More on that later 😉


But wait there’s more! I just finished my first year with my current employer, Software Engineering Professionals. Management announced a number of initiatives here that are pretty exciting for me. I can’t necessarily talk about them right now, but it reaffirmed my decision to come here. I can honestly say that I have grown dramatically since I’ve been here. It is an amazing place to work, and I’m excited to see what the future has in store.


Finally, my family is counting the days until our latest addition is expected to arrive.

Like I said, this year is starting off with a bang…and there’s more to come. I’ll keep you posted with new developments.


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