PDC 2008: Day 2 Keynote

8:30-8:34 Montage of Windows/Silverlight apps
8:34 Welcome Ray Ozzie
8:35 Yesterday was about services. We introduced Windows Azure. Focused on infrastructure
8:36 Today will be about client facing software.
8:37 The PC has become ubiquitous. It’s easy to take its presence for granted.
8:38 Once in a while you take a step back and reflect on how it has changed over the years.
8:39 Like the PC, the Internet has become something we take for granted. But the PC and the Web are fundamentally separated.
8:40 Our objective is to bring the PC, Web, and Mobile together in new ways.
8:41 Some of the power inherit in the PC
        Full access to displays and peripherals
        Natural UI and common controls
        Personal Experience, etc.
8:42 What about the web?
        Provides a common way to find, and interact with people
        Common way to access and share information
        Common way to connect devices
8:43 Now the phone?
        Phone is always with you
        Easily access
        Can detect where you are
8:44 Bringing the strengths of all three platforms together, provides a much more powerful app.
8:45 Microsoft is focused on making tools to program across the three platforms easier while still leveraging their strengths.
8:46 Windows is the core offering for desktop development
8:46 For the web, IE8, the ASP.NET platform, and now Silverlight provide a rich programming environment
8:47 And today we will introduce a way to bring the web to the desktop and make a web app installable.
8:48 Let’s get started
        Windows 7 and Live Wave 3 Steven Sinofsky
        Development offerings With Scott Guthrie
        Live Services with Dave Treadwell
        Software + Services with Office
8:50 Introducing Steven Sinofsky
        I’m all that’s between you and windows 7 demonstration.
8:51 Think of how Windows 7 can personalize your experience with your PC
        How it can connect your devices
8:52 Julie Larson-Green Windows 7 Introduction
        New taskbar – Brings window switching and quick launch to one place
8:53-9:10 Demonstrating Windows 7
        Demonstrate opening MRU from the new taskbar
        Desktop docking
        Re-ordering icons on taskbar
        New Windows Explorer
        Can search across computers, devices, etc.
        Home-networking simplified
        Homegroup all devices on home network automatically available
        Homegroup deepdive
        New Lightweight Windows Media Player
        Explorer, Media Player, and Media Center share a common library
        Playing music from a different computer onto a networked device
        Windows 7 Device Stage shows everything you can do with a device in one place
        Can view all devices you have access to.
        Desktop personalization and themes
        Notification area full control over system tray
        Action Center queues notifications until you feel like dealing with them instead of annoying popups
        Touch in Windows 7 Showing HP TouchSmart Already available.
        Mouse commands repowered with touch. Word 2007 without any knowledge of touch can take advantage of new touch commands
        IE 8 is touch aware, can take advantage of gestures, on screen keyboard
        Paint with Ribbon interface
        Finger painting in Windows 7!
9:13 Windows Live Essentials and Services overview
9:15-9:20 Engineering Windows 7
        Learned a lot with Vista
        Received a lot of feedback
        Focused on hardware readiness (7 not a new kernel so a lot of the devices that work with Vista now will work with 7 tomorrow)
        Standards Compliance
        User Scenarios
9:21-9:25 Developing for Windows 7
        Ribbon UI consistent look and feel with windows and office
        Jump List integration and Libraries Deeper Richer integration with Windows
        Multi-touch, ink, speech. Augment the user experience with your software
        DirectX take advantage of hardware power. Not just for games anymore!
9:25-9:26 Partner Video Autodesk Multitouch CAD
9:26 Windows 7 Fundamentals

Decrease Increase
Memory Usage Speed
Disk I/o Responsiveness
Power Usage Scale

9:30 Laptop, 1 GHz Proc, 1GB RAM runs Window 7 still has half of its memory available
9:31-9:37 Cool features of Windows 7
        Bitlocker encryption on a USB Memory Stick
        Includes group policy for requiring Bitlocker on all USB Drives
        Natively mount and manage VHDs
        Can open VHD
        Can Boot from VHD directly.
        High DPI easier to Manage
        Monitor settings easier (e.g. orientaton)
        Improved Magnifier tool
        Windows+P Easy switch of dual monitors
        Dual monitor Remote Desktop
        Shutdown button customization
        Turn of windows subsystem messages.
        UAC settings…similar to IE security zones
9:38-9:42 Path to RTM
        Pre-Beta available today: install it and play with it.
        “E7” Blog: give feedback
        Beta: feature complete-not final but all features…available early 2009
        Feedback tool in beta: rapid way to give in context feedback of what’s not working for you
        CEIP: Tracks usage anonymously helps MSFT get real world usage of Windows 7
        Release Candidate to RTM
9:43-9:45 Call to Action
        Install Windows 7
        Develop for 64-bit
        Focus on Fundamentals
        Integrate with Desktop
        Evaluate new APIs
        Code Website to support IE8
        Get Live Beta
9:45 Introducing Scott Guthrie: Developing for Windows 7
9:46 Windows API available to both managed and native code
9:46 Developing with Win32/C++
9:48 With .NET
        3.5 SP1 Improvements
        Streamlined Setup
        Startup performance
        Graphics improvements w/ wpf
        more controls
        3.5 SP1 will be natively installed on Windows 7
9:49-958 Application Demo
       WPF Ribbon control shipping this week
       Ribbon has support for WPF commands
       Using native WPF navigation to traverse history of photo viewer.
       Skinning the look and feel of the application using themes.
       Supporting Windows 7 Jumps from WPF Can Declare tasks using App.Xaml
       Multitouch from WPF UIElement supports touch natively!
       Demonstrating DirectX Effects on any control
       Touch enabled theme.
9:57 Announcing Final WPF Datagrid and Calendar, and CTP Ribbon Control!
9:58-10:02 .NET 4
       WPF Improvements: Multitouch, deep zoom, Visual state manager
       In-process side by side support
       Managed/native interop
       Dynamic Language support
       VS 2010 Built on WPF
Better TDD support
10:02-10:05 Demo of VS 2010
         Code Editor is WPF
         Easier plugin model with MEF
         No registration necessary…just copy add-ins to directory and VS can load it.
10:06-10:12 Customer Demo
         Tesco: World’s Largest Online Grocer
         Tesco @ Home
         Rich Client for planning meals and automatically adding necessary ingredients to your basket
         Barcode scanner using Webcam!
         API Available soon
10:12 .NET Continuum
         One platform to target a range of platforms…desktop, web, mobile
10:13 Web Dev Improvements
         ASP.NET Improvements including MVC framework
         jQuery support in VS
10:14 Can download jQuery intellisense support now!
10:15-10:18 ASP.NET vNext and VS 2010
         Web Forms improvements
         MVC update coming in VS 2010
         Distributed Caching (“Velocity” in CTP today)
         Better deployment scenarios publish to dev, test, staging, prod.
         Application and SQL!
10:18-10:23 Silverlight 2
         Over 100 Million installed users
         NBCOlympics.com average user watched videos for 27 Minutes on site
         IIS Smooth Streaming
         AOL Mail built fully with Silverlight
         Netflix online viewing using Silverlight
         Announcing Silverlight Toolkit including Charting Control using Open Source License!
         Silverlight Designer in VS 2010
         Silverlight 3.0 coming next year.
         Silverlight running external to browser!
10:23 Introducing Treadwell to talk about Live Services
10:24-10:34 Here’s the Wind up.
10:34  And the Pitch Announcing Live Framework


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