PDC 2008 All Good Things…

Well it’s done! What a wild week it has been. From the announcement of Windows Azure, and the .NET/SQL Services to the new features of Windows 7 to upcoming features in WPF/WCF/WF 4.0 and let’s not mention Oslo and “M”. Thank you everyone for following along with my trip, both here and on Twitter. It’s been a blast. I got to finally meet some people I hadn’t met before in person. And of course I met a lot of new names and faces.

PDC 2009 has been announced and I highly recommend that whether by hook or by crook, you find your way down there. Yes you can view all the sessions and information online. But you can’t get the Windows 7 bits yet. You also can’t get a live services/azure key yet. You also miss out on the experience of being with a crowd of smart developers congregating in one place. And of course there’s no substitute for actually being in the room when Ray Ozzie says “…so we’re pleased to announce Windows Azure.”

Personally, I’m extremely excited to finally get my hands on the Live Mesh (now Live Framework) SDK. I have a compelling story to tell with the mesh. And I think it just might change the way you look at your computer! Anyway…enough about my plots for world domination. Plain and simple…PDC is all about catching the wave of new technology and riding it to success. There is a ton of content on the web discussing the “Long Tail” of software development. Jumping on the new tech announced at PDC will help you stay ahead of the long tail. It’s somewhat risky, because we all know what happened to WinFS (rest in peace). But on the other hand, picking the next WPF (even if that happens to be literally the next WPF), can be a very rewarding experience. Ask Josh Smith, and other WPF luminaries.

Hopefully, everyone is stoked and excited. And you’ve already run over to the Azure website to signup for your keys. If nothing else, you’ll get a free web host for the duration of the CTP.


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