Introducing Grimoire

TLDR; I’ve created an open source project called Grimoire that serves two purposes: provide a digital companion for tabletop RPGs; and provide an exemplar for software engineering techniques that I have come to adopt over the past two decades of my career. Check it out at the github repository

A New Pet Project

Whenever someone asks how do I learn new technologies. I tell them that I take the time to implement a pet project using that technology or approach. Knowing the project inside out allows me to focus on learning the mechanics of implementing it with the new tools. Grimoire is a new pet project for me. And there are a lot of Software Engineering ( and even Software Business) concerns I want to touch on while building and discussing this application.

I don’t know where this experiment will go. Hopefully, the insights I share as I develop and discuss the project here and on social media will be useful for anyone who comes across it.


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