I am head over heels about Azure and the Live Services. I love it so much that I’ve gone ahead and registered Depending on your pronunciation of Azure, you might chuckle at the name. So what are my goals for the site? I want Azure Coding .NET the place to go for news, articles, tutorials, and discussions about Windows Azure and the Live Services including Live Framework, SQL Services, and the .NET Services (we might even talk a little bit about how “Oslo” fits into the picture). I’m going to fire off the first few volleys with some in depth talks about Live Framework, and .NET Services.

Like desktop Windows development, there are too many specialty areas within the cloud development ecosystem for one person to be a master of them all. So I’ll be bringing some friends along. No matter how compelling the topic is, a website is only as good as its community. I will definitely look for ways to engage the community. Look for more on that later!


Innes says:

I can’t think of a chuckle-inducing pronunciation for azurecoding. :-/

Michael says:

I don’t know how to write phonetics (and you won’t find a dictionary that agrees with this pronounciation) but there were a lot of people pronouncing Azure as az-yoor (hence, As You’re Coding .NET)

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