A Belated Thank You

I don’t want to appear ungrateful to colleagues who help me out. Therefore, I think that I owe a long overdue thank you to Christian Graus for giving me an MSDN Team Suite subscription back in 2006, and to Joseph Cooney for giving me one this year. Oddly enough, both of my benefactors are Aussies. Both gave me the subscriptions through the MVP program. Maybe one day I’ll do something to merit being an MVP and won’t have to bum subscriptions from other people 😉

I had the opportunity to work with Christian on an interesting project called DIA, a digital veterinary encyclopedia. The front-end was powered by WPF and had some very interesting features.

Joseph and I chat more frequently than should be possible because of my strange sleeping (or non-sleeping) habits. He is a WPF/Client App Dev MVP, and he provided a lot of support and guidance as I was learning WPF. There are a ton of other people I could thank. Practically everyone in the WPF Disciples has either helped me learn WPF or helped me solidify one of my crazy concepts. My wife for being supportive of my obsession with technology over these past 6 years. And everyone else who has helped me as I have grown as a software engineer.

Thank you!


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